Represented brands


DESINCHÁ is a Brazilian brand well known for its wonderful teas. Their philosophy is to make their products known and show that they help to acquire healthy habits together with a balanced diet and exercise. Losing weight and changing your mirror image is just a consequence of that change.


It's for those who run, pull iron or count calories. It's for whoever is sitting in the office and whoever runs in the park. In fact, it is for everyone who values what is practical, nutritious and tasty.
+Mu was born to democratize the best and tastiest protein on the market (it comes from milk, hence the friendliness of our cow and our sonically milky name).


VESTEM is a sportswear brand that focuses on product diversity, patterns and formats. Their goal is also to create pieces to compose looks that can be used beyond physical activities.


Pajaris is a Beachwear brand that invests in the combination of original beauty, comfort, luxury in materials and finishes to dress the woman in moments when she must feel vibrant, confident and, above all, free!