+MU Whey Protein - Cookies & Cream


+MU Whey Protein - Cookies & Cream

Only 108 units of this product remain

Your ideal pre- or post-workout companion!

18g of Protein (per serving)

Zero added sugar

Without gluten

Whey Protein Benefits:

Fast absorption;

Satiety promoter;

Assists in the maintenance and gain of lean mass;

Strengthens the immune system;

BCAA's natural source.

Ingredients: Concentrated whey protein, crushed biscuit (cassava starch, rice flour, palm fat, polydextrose, cocoa, green banana, sodium bicarbonate, salt and maltitol sweetener), flavoring identical to natural cookies, gum thickener xanthan, sucralose sweetener. GLUTEN-FREE. CONTAINS LACTOSE

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