Desinchá - 8 Ingridients, 100% Natural

26 | 01 | 2021
Desinchá - 8 Ingridients, 100% Natural

Original Desinchá

Exclusive formula developed by nutritionists, combines technology with Nature to make your day lighter and more tasty

Prepared with only 8 ingredients, from Nature. Original Desinchá was formulated to be your first healthy habit of the day.

Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Carqueja, Mint, Ginger, Guarana, Sage, Rosemary

The perfect blend!

All ingredients have been thought out down to the smallest detail to get the most out of each cup.

Desinchá is a tea created for your first healthy habit, whether in your day or in your life. Allow yourself to feel the perfect fusion of Nature, technology and Desinchá's flavor